On why I write.

I haven’t read Orwell’s essay. I have no idea if mine own resonates with his. But what is writing but embracing the scorn of the reader? I act, by writing, as a scapegoat. I write to provoke discussion. I want people to disagree with me. I want to know what they think.

Why not stand out as an outlier of controversial beliefs? Do I believe everything I write? Of course not. It would take a madman to believe everything he says. Being an advocate to the devil is an MO that I apply to life. Be that as it may, I embrace the hostility and scorn of my reader. Perhaps they believe I take it to heart. Perhaps they see me as contrarian. Perhaps they are right.

The reader is as much involved in the process of writing as the author. The role of either needn’t be fixed to tradition. I embrace, I adapt and then I challenge. I am not perfect at this, and will likely never be.

Or, conversely, I could be writing to get some sort of ego fix. I also enjoy ending my pieces abruptly to make the reader feel uncomfortable, avoiding traditional structure. I hope that assists in your decision as to why I write.


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