What now?

We’ve all had time to reflect. I’m hesitant to say ‘time to calm’ as many are still out protesting last week’s results. I have no issue with this. But it is mindless. Leaderless. It is time for those who are protesting to take a step back and reflect on themselves. The rise of the alt-right, a new anti-establishmentarian sect of right nationalism, has a close association to the ‘progressive’ left of the 2010’s. The overt lack of challenge from liberals and conservatives has propagated a stagnating left wing which resolves around discriminatory infighting rather than a focus on the economic solidarity that should unite them.

My previous article noted the failures of the online realms for propagating the left echo-chamber of social inequality. Whilst it cannot be argued that the issues of racial, sexual and disabled discrimination do not exist, the hysterical echo-chambers of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit have been bastions of the millennial left. They existed as areas of safety for those who felt disenfranchised by the harshness of life. Here, they perpetuated political ideals that desired to improve the lives of the less fortunate in society. However, despite this altruistic ideal, the dramatics of online politics breeds hysteria.

The Left has lost its ability to argue. Crybullies are the norm. Believe that immigration might undermine the economic stability of the rural west? RACIST. A more qualified man gets a job over an underqualified woman? MISOGYNY. Academia, the Media, your Facebook feed; these are not reflections of reality. Power dictates all, and life in human society is a perpetual power play. It is bitter, unfair, and this will never change. But it doesn’t automatically mean the world is targeting you as an individual. Life discriminates against us all.


Speaks for itself. 

The University safe-space phenomena have not alleviated these issues. Universities once represented the epitomes of developed education. They still remain places where ideas are challenged, but the catering of the older generation to the whims of the echo-chambered millennial will not resolve the issue. These young-adults have to have their ideas challenged and also developed by professors of History, Politics, Ethics, Philosophy, and Linguistics, anyone who can show these people that their internalised realities are not a true reflection of the world around them. But these Crybullies are notoriously effective in branding Deans and heads of departments as the aforementioned Racists and Sexists for challenging their views. It is also ironic, that by promoting safe spaces for People of Colour, they are advocating positive-segregation themselves.

The universities and schools have failed to teach the younger generations about the harshness and bleak reality of the real world. Without this guidance, young millennials have scorned and decided to take the issues, which have been improving in the western world, to the nth degree. White guilt, shaming, privilege. All terms that have been grossly taken out of context as standard-bearers of the new left. These concepts, mostly academic inventions focused on institutional racism, have been taken out of the sterile environment of academic discussion and been paraded as absolute truths. Whilst it cannot be argued that these concepts do not exist to some degree in society, by branding all White individuals as racist, ignorant, empowered bigots, you breed racial intolerance in society. It is a worrying fallacy to believe that one cannot be racist against a white person. If you discriminate against someone due to their race, you are racist.


The power of meme magic.

This attack on what many perceive to be something entirely out of their control, i.e. the colour of their skin has propelled /pol/ and the other alt-right bastions, who meme’d the new president into office, to an agenda of retaliation. And when the right rises, has a voice, has evidence to support themselves and is able to gain the support of the majority of the isolated working population you get Trump.

The Left is currently too absorbed with the whims of middle-class western millennials that the lives of the traditional supporters, the working man and woman (irregardless of race), have little sway on their political stances. The Left is increasingly becoming isolated from wider society. Isolation from tangible issues of the economically impoverished, and being predominantly Western-focused, will only propagate apathy and fatigue. The economic privilege of the millennial has shielded them from the poverty that exists around them, mainly in the developing world. Capitalism will remain for the foreseeable future, but by focusing on purchasing environmentally and societally sustainable produce we can improve the lives of our contemporary man.

By distancing themselves from the toxicity of echo-chamberism, being challenged and
caring for those less fortunate than themselves in an economic capacity then shall these issues be resolved. Not all white people are racist, and the sooner the new left embraces this then will they regain their support and regain strength.  The Machiavellian in me sees Trump’s rise as a great opportunity to restructure and improve the Left for the better.


Kek wills it. 




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