I use this term a lot; ‘sitting’.

I mean it in quite a wide sense. I use it when referring what I want to do when I have some time off, what I am doing when I’m bored, what I’m doing when I’m tired, what I will do once I get home, etc., etc. ┬áIt’s a very useful verb. I like it. It’s dumb.

So, right now, as I’m writing, In my room, relatively cold temperature, recovering, I’m ‘sitting’. I’m not actually sitting, but the verb has gotten so out of hand, it doesn’t mean the actual process of parking one’s arse on a surface anymore. In fact I’m reclining. Being so versatile, ‘sitting’ can be implied as; apathy, loneliness, boredom, vagueness, silence, enjoyment, fear, ad perpetuum.

I’m recovering from a coronectomy (i.e. you’re jaw is too small for excision). My wisdom teeth were crowning, and were subsequently removed, as they were causing recurrent infection. As in 10 lots of antibiotics in a year recurrent. It’s not so bad, mind. I’ve had the surgery before. Last time was under a sedative, so everything was gravy. This time, it was as gravy, but I only had local. There were a few times I nearly laughed at the strangeness of the situation I was in. Two dentists yanking bits of tooth out of my mouth as I listened to Tay Tay. I was in for about 30 minutes, and, so far, It’s all been well. Of course, as my nature, I fear the possibility of wound infection, but c’est la vie.

So as I’m recovering, I’m also sitting, and I’m also writing this. It’s not very constructive, but it’s a release. I amn’t in much pain, and I’ve binged nearly half of DBZ in the last few days, so I feel a little unstructured. A little, well, bored. So, in my boredom, I opened this up, and began writing about sitting.

I’ve been on a diet of yoghurt and soup for the past three days. It’s getting tiresome. I’ll have some mash later. That’ll solve it. I might even add some seasoning.

I’m bored.

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