‘You have been banned from /r/Socialism’

So I was banned from /r/Socialism. Hardly a pressing, or even an interesting, issue. I was banned for criticising the claims made by an article regarding the hostility of the millennial generation towards capitalism. The argument is all there, I do not hide it. It was, yes, slightly crude on my behalf (but you know, painkillers and recovering from surgery can do that to you.) But the curious fact  of the matter is that I was accused by some of the moderators, for voicing my opinions, that I ‘literally want [them] dead’, for disagreeing with their claims. Yes. For being skeptical of millennial devotion to any other political ideology than capitalism I ‘literally’ want socialists to die.

The article in question was entitled ‘A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows’ by 

I, for lack of a better term, am a left leaning individual. I might have considered myself a socialist at one point. The sheer idiocy and juvenailty of the radical left in the past year has certainly made me reconsider my political standing. Sheltered millennials who do not appreciate the harshness and reality of the world around them cajole others into believing their world view. Calling out the racial hypocrisy of their safe-spaces and their condescending support of the BLM movements despite the latter’s radical and racist overtones is met with revulsion. Progressiveism, in its modern sense, has failed to achieve its goals and is collapsing due to the surge in right-wing advocacy a la Trump. Whilst I do not entirely believe, as some commentators do, that the entire right-wing resurgence is do to the failure of progressiveism, the condescending tone it held towards lower income and white voters was bound to receive backlash.

I still feel strongly about the points I hamfistedly argued, but can see that they may not have been the right time or situation to argue them in. Yet, for an ideology to survive, it must stand to criticism. It must adapt. I don’t believe that by censoring skeptics to your view is going to garner or facilitate a wider audience than your already diminishing echo-chamber.

I wonder who will ban me next?




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