Rogue One

I’m late to the party. The film’s been out for about a month and the reviews have all flocked in. The hype has dissipated. People have stopped caring. I am one of those who, frankly, don’t really care all that much. But, you know, I like to get my thoughts down on something that irked me somewhat.

Rogue One arrived with little fanfare on my behalf. The plastic acting seen through the teaser and release trailers immediately sent alarm-bells ringing. It was quite obvious it was going to be a relatively quickly plopped out story, sans much character development dotted with some nods and winks to ‘us fans’. All, more or less, were true.

Story wise it was poor. We had our protagonist, abandoned as a child, brought up by a weirdo, told ‘your father is special or some shit idk.’, then slapped on for some rag-tag adventure with a bunch of characters she has no reason to empathize or feel any camaraderie towards. If our protagonist has a non-existent relationship with her peers, why are we supposed to care when they are all gunned down mercilessly at the hands of the Empire? The only character with a degree of humanity was, ironically, the robot K-2SO.

I was pretty bored by the film’s end. The constant winks beset with sighs and eye rolling, even those which I felt weren’t too obvious. The resurrection of Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin, excellently portrayed by Guy Henry, and his rivalry with Director Krennic being some of the best scenes in the film, beset with a veneer of controversy. Leia’s cameo at the end being the cherry on top.

Overall a mediocre foray. I can’t claim my opinions to be the consensus, most people I’ve talked to very much enjoyed the film. I appreciate Disney’s attempt at widening the world of Star Wars, and any glimpse into it is an enjoyable experience. Perhaps next time they can give us some interesting characters and a worthwhile plot.

Rogue One, 2.5/5.

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