The Verbally-aggressive becoming the Physically-aggressive.


The eternal tweet, now a dunce ripe for pelting.(1)

Sally Kohn’s tweet has not aged well. Almost immediately after Trump’s election last November, the stream of protest tweets filled with hatred and anger reached a climax. The sheer volume of tweets directed towards hatred of women, men, white people, black people or any other race were staggering. Everyone was looking for someone to blame, apart from the victors, of course.

A rift emerged deeply within the ‘liberal’ sphere. With the status-quo now demolished, there were dissenters in vain trying to heap blame on their failed messianic pursuit of H. Clinton. ‘It was the white women’s fault! They voted for a rapist!’. Cries such as these were not uncommon. A bubble’d voters disconnect with the wider world of the impoverished middle America, their economic in-sustainability and lack of opportunity, naturally would erupt in sheer outrage and terror at the supposed ‘ineptitude’ of their national brethren. When you’re faced with social stigmatisation and ostracisation for appealing for food-stamps and welfare, you bet your arse that people will vote for anyone who promises to ‘Make America Great Again.’

A classic example of left-liberal hostility comes from Anna Kasparian’s lamenting at the Trump vote:

Her animosity is clear and brutal. ‘I think you’re fucking dumb’. Loud and clear Kasparian shows her clear disconnect to the issues of the impoverished within her own society. Being a ‘warrior’ for social improvement is a noble goal at its core, but the poisonous cult attitudes towards others who do not share these values, or have more pressing issues to address, in society are now entering the realm of physical-aggression. The rhetoric of hatred these people have held against their ‘enemies’ in society, i.e. the poor, has now breached the gap and allowed militant members of their ideologies to target those who hold opposing views.

The problem arises when those unfamiliar to debate believe that those who hold opposing opinions manifest themselves within that said opinion. Those who believe that immigration should be capped are ‘in their nature’ a racist, cannot be saved, and must be silenced, or removed. Their voices are not allowed to be heard. Take for example the screeching competitions held by SJW’s at certain rallies, using any excuse to silence the other.

The use of language has radicalised the left to a rabid state. SJW’s are notable for their verbally-aggressive remarks towards those they disagree with. The saturation of tweets calling others ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ for having completely rational opposing viewpoints are staggering. It beautifully encapsulates the cult like mentality of ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’. Wishing for ‘white-genocide’ or other disgusting acts of ‘not-racism-because-they’re-white-lol’ has corrupted the young-minded liberal sphere for the last few years and it is now manifesting itself in the violence seen on the streets of the US. The use of language has radicalised the left to a rabid state.



Typical Antifa poster. Trump is ‘literally’ a Nazi for being conservative. (2)

Posters such as the above are springing up across the US. Some contain images of members of the public who hold dissenting views to the ‘liberal’ norm, targeted by Antifa and other violent organisations who wish to bring harm to others. Violence against others should not be an acceptable precedent to follow. If your party lost, you have to accept the consequences and work together with your new leader to leave your country better than it was before they came to it. As a democracy, this should be the norm, but for whatever reason, this election has pushed the left over the edge, resulting in scenes such as the below occurring across the US.


The result of ‘everyone’s a racist but me’.(3)

And it’s clearly not just for show. ‘Everyone who disagrees with me is a white-supremacist’ has now flooded into mainstream violence as seen during the J20 protests earlier this month.(4) The ‘Black-bloc’ tactics of the Antifa have emerged in spectacular form, using their full fledged power to destroy some McDonald’s windows. These LARPers are coveting their ability to riot and let out steam against the ‘system’ unopposed. But their use of weaponry and violence is just an escalation of the radical left rhetoric that has been poisoning the minds of this generation since the advent of social media. Those who use verbal-aggression have laid out the red-carpet for mindless violence towards all who have any opposing views. And this is seen as acceptable by the MSM.

This precedent is abhorrent. It is an extremely dangerous tactic to play, and if it is to continue it will only be a matter of time before we see scenes reminiscent of the SA and KPD skirmishes and deaths of the 1920-30’s in Germany. Violence begets violence, and violence begets war. There a turbulent times ahead, but the groundwork for this problem has been laid for years. It will take a tragedy or a miracle, it seems, for people to actually start working together again and see people as human rather than a political party.


1. S. Kohn, 'My sense is...', (Nov 9th, 2016), [accessed: 30/01/17],


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