The ear-worm.

You ever get an ear-worm?

You know; the repetitive sounds that float through your mind. They might be fun, they might be distressing. They can exist in the myriad of emotions we call ‘humanity’.

Humanity, after all, is emotion and its impact on us. Without our emotions, what do we do but plod?

So when you have an ear-worm, how does it affect you? Does it make you smile, or does it make you cry? It can do both, I assume, it depends on your character. It depends on your lifestyle. It can depend on your frame of mind.

So when you have an ear-worm, do you enjoy its sound? Does the noise go up and down, or does it conform to a rhythm. Does it promote your sense of identity, or detract from it? Are you motivated by the sound, or does it bring you into despair?

So, the ear-worm, it lives and becomes you. The noises dictate your movement. The noises dictate your rhythm. Ear-worms dictate our actions. Ear-worms make us cry.

Repetitive sound. Repetitive sound. Repetitive sound. Speak it out in your mind. Repetitive sound. Is it making its mark? Is it living there yet? Repetitive sound.

It likes to make its home in the emotions. It likes to make its home in the actions. There it is.  A recurring jingle. A recurring thought. A recurring jingle.

Dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah dah dah, dah-dah-dah.

Is it harmful? Is it playful? Does it make you laugh or cry? Both.

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